About Us

Welcome to Games-Like-DayZ.com, the quintessential platform for those seeking games reminiscent of the DayZ experience. Our mission is to provide gamers with a curated list of titles that capture the thrill, strategy, and challenge of survival games. Whether you're a DayZ veteran or someone new to the genre, our platform caters to all, offering insights, reviews, and community discussions.

Our Genesis

Games-Like-DayZ.com was conceived by Jack, John, and Erik, three avid gamers who shared a passion for the survival genre. Recognizing the growing demand for a platform that could guide fans to similar gaming experiences, they embarked on a journey to create this comprehensive platform.

Driven by Passion

At the core of Games-Like-DayZ.com is our undying love for gaming. We understand the adrenaline rush players get from survival games and aim to introduce them to a plethora of titles that offer the same intensity and excitement.

Meet the Gamers

Our platform thrives because of the dedication and expertise of our team.

Jack Gibson

Jack, a survival game enthusiast, has been exploring virtual post-apocalyptic worlds for years. His keen insights and strategies have led many players to victory, making him a revered figure in the gaming community.

John Williams

John brings a methodical approach to gaming. His analytical skills allow him to dissect games, offering readers in-depth reviews and guidance on gameplay mechanics.

Erik Ido

Erik, with his vast gaming experience, has an uncanny ability to find hidden gems in the gaming world. He is always on the lookout for titles that offer a fresh yet familiar experience to DayZ fans.

Join Our Gaming Odyssey

Games-Like-DayZ.com is not just a platform; it's a journey. We invite you to be a part of our adventure, exploring new games, sharing experiences, and being at the forefront of the survival gaming world. This site is not affiliated with Bohemia Interactive.